Photos from the aftermath of the Easter Tornado that took my parents’ home

On Easter Sunday, April 12, 2019, an EF-4 tornado touched down about six miles southwest of my parent’s house in Jayess, Mississippi.

Less than an hour later, a second EF-4 dropped less than five miles northeast of their house.

It was a bad place to be that day.

Thankfully, my mom wasn’t home, and my dad, who’s a truck driver, was on the other side of Texas at the time.

But the storm ripped open their house, killed three of their neighbors, and left a trail of destruction visible from space.

We’ve started a GoFundMe for to help them cover the costs of replacing essentials and securing an apartment. If you could donate anything, I know they would be extremely grateful. It’s been a very hard week for them – to lose everything you have and a close neighbor and friend. With the ongoing pandemic, it hasn’t been easy to get everything they need and clean up their house, rent equipment, search for lost items.

Here are a few of the photos.

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