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Academic and Professional Publications

MedRxiv Research paper pre-print: COVID-19 Trends in Florida K-12 Schools, August 10 – November 14, 2020, DOI:

Jones, R. 2020. Florida Department of Health: Florida COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard, Global. ArcGIS Experience Builder.

Jones, R. 2019. Florida Department of Health’s Hurricane Michael GIS Response. San Diego, California: ESRI User Conference 2019. (Third place in ESRI’s story map competition)

Jones, R. 2015. “Quantifying extreme weather event impacts on the northern Gulf Coast using Landsat Imagery.” Journal of Coastal Research (2015) 31 (5): 1229–1240. DOI:

Jones, R. 2014. 2017 Coastal Master Plan: Model Improvement Plan, (Subtask 4.7) Future Scenarios Appendix 7: Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Frequency. Version I. (pp. xx-xx or p. x). Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. Final version to be published in 2017.

Jones, R. 2014. “Quantifying the impact of hurricanes, thunderstorms and mid-latitude cyclones on the​Mississippi-Alabama barrier islands using remotely sensed data.” MS thesis Louisiana State University. Web. April 17, 2014.

To read a one-page summary of my M.S. thesis, click here: thesis handout (pdf). Download my entire thesis in PDF format here, or access it through the Electronic Thesis Database (ETD) here.

Friedland, C., Joyner, T., Mecholsky, K., Rohli, R., Gilliland, J., Madani, S., Ogea, S., Carter, M., and Jones, R. 2014.​“Louisiana State Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP).”Governor’s Office, Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. Baton Rouge, LA.

Jones, R. 2013. “Crisis communication plan for the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program and​Southern Regional Climate Center” Internal Document. Web. December 2013.

Jones, R. 2013. “Navigating the risks, impacts and liabilities of climate change with Louisiana clients: A lawyer’s Introductory Guide” Louisiana Law School Review of Legal Proceedings. Climate Change Law. Web. December 2013.

Jones, R. 2013. “Louisiana Climate Change,” “Mississippi Climate Change,” “Oklahoma Climate Change,” “Arkansas Climate Change,” “Tennessee Climate Change,” and “Texas Climate Change.” Researcher, writer, and designer. Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program. SouthernClimate.Org. Web.

Jones, R. 2012.  “2011-2012 Field Guide of Financial Support for Capital Projects.” Researcher, designer, writer, and editor. Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University, with EPA. Web. August 2012.

Jones, R. 2011. “Hydraulic Fracturing Information for Local Government Officials.” Writer and designer. Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University. Web. August 2011.

Jones, R. 2011“Funding Guide for Capital Projects in Sustainable Materials Management.” Researcher, writer, and editor. Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University, with EPA. July 2011.

Jones, R. 2011. “Capture la Iluvia: Programas de Educacion y Extension,” and “Instalacion y Mantenimiento de un Barril de Iluvia.” Reviewer and editor. Onondaga County and EPA. Web. June 2011.

Jones, R. 2011.  “ and NYFoodTrader.Org.” Writer and designer. USDA and Syracuse Center of Excellence in Energy and Environmental Systems. Web. June 2011.

Jones, R. 2011. “A Guide to Office Composting.” Writer and designer. Syracuse Center of Excellence in Energy and Environmental Systems, Environmental Finance Center at Syracuse University, and EPA. Web. May 2011.

Fiction and “Just Because” Publications:

The Bottom of Mt. Vesuvius (Kindle Edition) Available on Rebekah Jones. Published 2012.

The Bottom of Mt. Vesuvius (NOOK Book). Available at Published 2012.

Poison Ivy: Watch Out Guide” PDF file, 11″ x 17″ color  poster, general public, advisory/education.

Newspaper Articles

The Stone County Enterprise: A response to Senator Wicker’s opposition to Obama’s climate change agenda

The Newshouse of Syracuse University: Greenest House at SU/SUNY-ESF – VIDEO

The Daily Orange: “Strength through the storm: SU New Orleanians comfort each other while their hometown faces yet another hurricane.”

The Daily Orange: Scarred by Katrina, SU advisor fears Gustav’s damange

The Daily Orange: “Hard work in the Big Easy”

The Daily Orange: Rare and Unaware

The Daily Orange: Skin Deep

The Daily Orange: “This is not a death sentence”

The Daily Orange: Fierce!

The Daily Orange: Changing direction: LGBT Resource Center appoints young, but experienced director

The Daily Orange: Undocumented workers attracted to jobs at New York State Fair

The Daily Orange: “Gas drilling documentary screening elicits heated opinions”

The Daily Orange: “Temperature change: Campus environmentalists worry GOP takeover could stall legislation”

The Daily Orange: “Lost in the flood: Bollywood director Prakash Jha and SU professor Tula Goenka strive to help forgotten flood survivors in India.”

The Daily Orange:“‘A World of Extremes:’ Bipolar disorder grows more common among college mental health problems”

The Daily Orange: “Five-year anniversary of Katrina revives memories of struggles”
This Daily Orange piece is coverage of an event I organized and hosted on August 29, 2010 for the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Vimeo: Raising Jack by Mackenzie Reiss and Single Mother by Sierra Jiminez.


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