I’m taking Hurricane Michael with me to San Diego

When you’re on the eve of the most public presentation you’ve ever made, to a crowd of colleagues and experts well-versed in your trade, having not made any real, public presentations in some time, you start to get nervous.

I could talk about how my presentation tomorrow (July 9) will be the culmination of nine month’s worth, summarized within a single, interactive story map, and how I’ve looked at the presentation a million times, how I am not (and will probably never) 100% satisfied with it, or how much the work described in the presentation can never be done justice in a single story…

Or I can just let you see it and let the work speak for itself.

The map is embedded below, but if you have any difficulties in viewing the content, click here to visit on ArcGIS Online (no account needed), or copy and paste the below link into your browser:



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