“A Song of Ice and Fire:” Mapping Westeros and Essos

Like many Game of Thrones junkies, I’ve always wandered how big the lands of fire and ice actually are. With references littered throughout the novels (“300 miles as the crow flies from Deepwood Motte to Winterfell – Dance with Dragons), I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but needed a visualization.

As a geographer and mapper by trade, I was fortunate enough to have the knowledge and tools to create an actual map of Westeros and the Americas to compare their scale. I had to develop a projection and reference coordinates for the image I downloaded from HBO, which in itself is not entirely accurate (some distance references are not exact between the book and the map on HBO).

But I knew several locations and their relative distances, and that’s where I started. I moved the data into ArcMap and put it against the US and here is to-scale graphic of Westeros and Essos as mapped by HBO/myself.

More to come.


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