Why being an environmentalist sucks (part 1)

You can’t go to the store without tracing the origins of everything in your cart, which makes everything extremely difficult to buy.

You don’t believe in capitalism, yet work and participate in the system.

You spend hours thinking about community solutions to global problems to no avail.

You know you shouldn’t eat meat, and probably shouldn’t eat fish, but going vegan just sounds “so hard,” so you feel guilty every time you eat eggs.

You don’t buy new clothes so everything you own is worn and people think you’re homeless. You don’t spend money, so you have a lot and feel guilty for having it when you know so many others don’t. So you give it away. Then you are poor. But you’re happier.

You spend every day thinking about ways to save society, but go to bed knowing you alone cannot.

It’s like you and every other environmentalist are in on some big secret that no one else seems to know.

You put Earth first. Always. Which means on the list of priorities in our world, you are dead last.


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