That’s right, folks. I have officially relocated myself to Baton Rouge, Louisiana! While I’m not quite unpacked yet (lacking a dresser or two for clothes), most of my new home is quite cozy and well.. homey. Today we went to YELP to adopt a dog and found a wonderful one-year-old lab-husky mut named Bounty who we will bringing home next week.

We’re working on cleaning up the yard, which hasn’t really been cared for in a long time (years, probably) and fixing up the house a bit. Our landlord is very nice and has been working very hard to fix up this place, which has real potential, especially considering our proximity to LSU (less than five minutes away on the a very bike-friendly lake-side road).

Now we get to relax, enjoy the Saints-Atlanta playoff game and the LSU-Alabama BCS Championship games Saturday and Monday, respectively. Geaux Saints and LSU!

While moving can provide a fresh start, excitement and much-needed change in climate (get the pun?), it can also distract us from what’s going on in the rest of the world. With no internet/phone for nearly two weeks, I completely missed Kim Jong Il’s death and funeral, the Iowa caucus and a whole bunch of other (arguable more important) stuff. So i’d like to take this oppurtunity to welcome YOU to tell me what you think the most important event(s) in the last three weeks have/has been!
Have at it!