Today’s reads: Coastlines on the move, more fracking news (as always) and a report on ocean health. Enjoy!

The New York Times “Green” blog is always a great place to get news on current trends and reports on the state of the environment. Be weary — you have to click “science,” then “environment” then “Green blog” to get to it. Something tells me news this important shouldn’t be buried so deeply on the website…….

“More than 70 groups sent a letter on Monday to both Governor Cuomo and Joe Martens, the commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Conservation, requesting a round of public hearings and an extension of a public comment period on the plan to six months from two months.”
Read the article here. 

“What has been billed as the “Dow Jones of ocean health” is six months from release, and Ben Halpern is feeling the pressure. “We’re frantically wrapping up analyses,” Dr. Halpern, a research biologist at the University of California at Santa Barbara, said in a telephone interview.”
Read the article here.  

“If experts are correct and seas rise by two or even three feet by the end of the century, they write, cities like Miami, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Lagos, Tel Aviv and places like the Gold Coast on Australia’s eastern coast will suffer significant, chronic flooding. Island nations already feeling the effects of rising water may literally disappear.”
Read the entire article on the New York Times website. 


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