Ph.D Florida State University; Tallahassee, Fla. Ph.D. Geography. 2016- 2018 (ABD), Dissertation working title: Using Native American Sitescapes to Extend the North American Paleotempestological Record through Coupled Remote Sensing and Climatological Analysis.

M.S. Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, La. M.S. Geography, Mass Communication. May 2014. Thesis title: Quantifying the Impact of Hurricanes, Mid-Latitude Cyclones and Other Weather and Climate Extreme Events on the Mississippi-Alabama Barrier Islands Using Remotely Sensed Data

B.A. Syracuse University; Syracuse, New York. B.A. Geography, Newspaper and Online Journalism. Cum Laude. August 2012. Focus points: Environmental and Political Journalism, Remote Sensing, and Natural Hazards.

Rebekah Jones earned her Master of Science degree from Louisiana State University with a major in geography and minor in mass communication. Her thesis involved utilizing remotely sensed data to determine land loss and trans-location of barrier islands in the Mississippi Sound, and determine the extent to which long-term trends and extreme events have been influential in shaping the islands.

Rebekah worked through a graduate assistantship for the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP), housed at Louisiana State University. Rebekah developed publications about climate change for community members, decision makers and educators. She also contributed to and edited four chapters of the 2014 National Climate Assessment. Rebekah won multiple awards at academic conferences during her studies at LSU, including:

  • The Gilbert F. White Thesis/Dissertation Award from the Hazards, Risks & Disasters Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers (2015)
  • The Graduate Student Paper Presentation Contest, Paleoenvironmental Change Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers, Annual AAG conference (2014)
  • Second Place, Audience Favorite, Three Minute Thesis Competition, Louisiana State University (2014)
  • First place, Graduate student poster competition, Southwestern Division of the Association of American Geographers 2013 Annual Conference (2013)
  • West-Russell Field Research Grant from Louisiana State University (2012)
Rebekah presenting her work at the LSU Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.
Rebekah presenting her work at the LSU Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.

Rebekah attended Syracuse University from 2007-2012, dual majoring for her B.A. in Geography and Newspaper/Online Journalism. Her focus areas were climate and hazards, and political reporting. She was enrolled in the Renee Crown Honors Program and graduated Cum Laude in August 2012. During that time, Rebekah completed several internships – including three newspaper writing/editing positions and a communication and outreach specialist position at the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Energy and Environmental Systems (SryacuseCoE).

Selection of Courses taken at Florida State University:

  • Climatological Data Analysis (MET 6155)
  • Quantitative Geographical Analysis (GEO 5165C)
  • Survey of Geographic Thought (GEO 5058)
  • Geographical Research Methods (GEO 5118C)
  • GIS Methods in Archaeology (GEO 5908-08)
  • Holocene Hurricane Analysis (GEO 5908-11)
  • Paleostorms and Climate Change (GEO 5908-13)
  • Paleoclimatology (GEO 5908 -07)

Courses taken at Louisiana State University:

  • Coastal Estuarine Resources (GEOG 7946)
  • Advanced Remote Sensing Seminar (GEOG 7975)
  • Research Methods (GEOG 7902)
  • Geographic Information Systems (4096)
  • Science and Health Communications (MC 7032)
  • Crisis Communication (MC 7000)
  • Quaternary Paleoecology
  • Climate Change Law (LAW 5414)
  • Methods in Climatological Analysis (GEOG 4016)
  • Political Strategic Writing (MC 7041)
  • Quantitative Analysis (GEOG 7900)

Selection of courses taken at Syracuse University:

  • River Environments (GEO 316)
  • Climate and Weather (GEO 326)
  • Meteorology 1: Atmospheric physics (HNR 200)
  • Meteorology 2: Synoptic dynamics (HNR 200)
  • America and the Global Environment (GEO 103)
  • Hazardous Geographic Environments (GEO 314)
  • Environmental Remote Sensing (GEO 482)
  • The Natural Environment (GEO 155)
  • Global Environmental Change (GEO 215)
  • Climate, Weather and Society (GEO 300)
  • Volcanoes and Earthquakes (EAR 225)
  • Earth-Atmosphere Interactions (EAR 479)
  • Sociology of Disaster (GEO 400)
  • Globalization and Social Change (GEO 434)
  • Newspaper Editing (NEW 508)
  • Political Reporting (NEW 530)
  • Communications Law for Journalists (COM 505)
  • Graphic Arts (GRA 217/218)
  • Critical Perspectives on News (NEW 345)
  • Advanced Reporting (NEW 405)
Rebekah won first place at the Southwest AAG conference with her poster and climate change and barrier islands.
Rebekah won first place at the Southwest AAG conference with her poster on climate change and barrier islands.

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