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Climate Change

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Climate change presents the most serious threat to the future of the human species. Absolutely real and undoubtedly man-made, global warming was a preventable illness, like smoking and obesity, that went wildly out of control. As a millennial, I inherited this problem from the generations before me, and must act quickly and boldly to protect what’s left of the climate for future generations. As an actively-publishing climate scientist, specializing in modeling sea level rise and hurricane activity in a warming world, I know the dangers of inaction all too well.

Fact: The science is settled. Scientists have known for more than 150 years that humans are altering the climate, and are in agreement about its causes.

Fact: Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas most responsible for the recent warming of our planet. Global temperatures have mimicked CO2 since the formation of our atmosphere.

Fact: It’s not the sun. We’re furthest from the sun in summer, and closest to it in winter. If our planet were following its natural trends, it would be getting colder, not hotter.

Fact: It’s not volcanoes. The Iceland volcano that shut down Europe for a week (Eyjafjallajökull) emitted less carbon dioxide than the airports would have if they would have been operating as usual.

Fact: It’s not too late. We’re locked into sea level rise for at least 1,000 years, but we’re still holding onto the reins in regard to global temperature increases. We can still reduce the amount of warming that’s going to happen if we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions today.

To read a comprehensive list of myths and facts, click here. 

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