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COVID-19 Data for Florida

A community-based surveillance and data dashboard is currently being constructed to deliver the most up-to-date and complete information to Floridians concerned about government censorship of data.

Community-based dashboard for COVID-19 in Florida

DOH Service Layer Links (through ArcGIS Online):

New Data – Developed for the Florida Community COVID Dashboard

Historical COVID Data for Florida:

Third party data resources

What I’m looking to find:

  1. Data on community resources – including (but not limited to – food banks, elder care, transportation assistance, assistance with pets and children, etc., from county to local level.
    If a fire station is giving away boxed lunches, let me know.
    If a closed school is providing technology, books or food for kids, let me know.
    If a group of people decided to form a volunteer dog-walking crew to help those with restricted mobility or those advised not to go out (whether positive or vulnerable), let me know.
  2. Local data on deaths, hospitalizations and cases that may not be published by the Florida DOH.
  3. Your stories, how this virus has impacted you and your family, and your hopes going into the future.

The form below is anonymous (optional to enter your email if you’d like me to follow up). Please feel free to post, share, and add data!

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