Rebekah Jones

Geographer & Environmental Enthusiast

An Introduction

As a scientist focused on the intersection of people and the environment, I have focused my academic and professional careers on disaster research and communications.

The bulk of my research and practice centered around hurricanes and climate change, using geospatial science as a tool to study how storms and changing environmental systems impact the Earth’s surface. I’ve published my research in peer-reviewed journals, won multiple awards from academic organizations, and have been featured in several technical and academic articles for my development of spatial data tools and applications.

I also served as a climate and hurricanes subject matter expert for the 2014 Louisiana Hazards Mitigation Plan, contributed content to the 2014 National Climate Assessment, and worked with Native American tribes in south Louisiana on climate change and hurricane research, adaptation planning and action.

I’ve led or been a part of response efforts to Hurricane Isaac (2012), Hurricane Sandy (2012), the Moore, Okla. tornadoes (2013), Hurricane Hermine (2016), Hurricane Matthew (2018), and Hurricane Dorian (2019).

My Hurricane Michael storymap won awards in regional and national competitions, and was presented at ESRI’s 2019 User Conference.

In April 2020, my COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard, which I built while working as Geospatial Information Sciences Manager at the Florida Department of Health, received praise from White House Advisor Dr. Debora Birx, logged more than 100 million views within six weeks, and was hailed as the national gold-standard for data transparency and accessibility.

In June 2020, I founded Florida COVID Action to track and analyze all authoritative data about the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida when state leadership refused to do so. Two months later, I co-founded The COVID Monitor, the national database for COVID-19 case data in K-12 schools.

During this time, I worked on writing my book, gave the keynote address at several major conferences, including the Journal of Data Science, Northeast URISA 2020, and Women in GIS, built a massive media portfolio, and continued working on bringing data to the public in an easy-to-understand format.

My plan is to continue doing the important work I’ve been passionate about all my life – helping people understand the world, its risks, and be better prepared for what comes.

61 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. I can’t believe the amount of steamrolling that you and your family have endured it’s just unreal that people came after you for telling the truth and now look again oops Florida hiding numbers conveniently enough during Disney big 50th I mean by all means come infect us all take it home with you and share your experience with your friends and family I mean my God does no one see …. I have followed from very begging hoped this would all end for you and your family but they just keep going to the lowest of levels to ruin you I admire you and love your family hold tight to them they will see you through this if you need a mouth piece I’m your gal I’m not afraid to speak the truth and heck I’ve never really done anything great in my life …lol I mean it I 1000% believe in you


  2. I hope you perservere and beat all of those gutter pigs….Good Luck, ill be pushing for your election victory…


  3. Dearest Rebeka,
    I have followed your unconscionable treatment by not only the Governor but those he used against you. We call him Death Santis here in Florida. I have recruited Charlie Crist to run against him and we have 1.2 million felons who have received their voting rights this past year and nearly one million are registered now. I can’t tell without venom in my speech how much we despise Matt Gaetz and Ron DiSantis here in Florida. I have recruited a Senator to run against in 2022 and I will use all the resources I have to see you elected. By the way, I graduated from USF with a BSN and I know a lot of highly educated people but without a doubt you are the most educated woman I’ve ever met. Welcome to the US Senate Rebeka
    Welcome to Florida


  4. I don’t care about suspended from Twitter (which I don’t understand the reasoning behind it). You keep speaking the truth – God bless you.


  5. Rebekah Jones is an authentic American hero! Incredibly smart, brave, and fearless even in the face of Trump’s army of morons. I am so proud of you, and wish you strength, fortitude, and great health to continue this fight for all of us. Be safe and be happy!


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