The Magic Trick of the Century!

You almost won’t believe it until you’ve watched it several times. In the last century, the area around Terrebonne Bay, Louisiana (often referred to as Interior Lafourche), has flipped from being 90% land (1916) to 90% water (2016). This video shows how quickly and dramatically the landscape of south Louisiana changed to accommodate the oil, gas, and sulphur mining operations that fragmented large areas of marsh, and triggered and exacerbated subsequent land loss in the decades following. The communities who lived in the area migrated northward as the seas and surge ate away at the marsh. Today, all but a few close-knit communities and a handful of Native American tribes have abandoned the once prosperous marsh lands in search of safety and security farther from shore. For them, it’s a century-long trick with no magic. Continue reading The Magic Trick of the Century!

Crawfish Boil with the Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe (PACIT)

This weekend we had the opportunity to go down to the bayou for some light-hearted fun and a ton of amazing food. I brought a few of my maps and posters for the members to look at throughout the day, and spent most of my time answering questions. Continue reading Crawfish Boil with the Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe (PACIT)